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Basic form "Frog"


The article shows how to make the basic form "Frog"
The basic form of the "frog" has received such a name from the figure from this stock - an inflatable frog.
Folding the base form on the basis of a "double square".

1. Fold the first square, lowering the upper sides from the "deaf" angle to the inflection line.

2. Open and flatten the "pocket" between the layers of paper

3. Flip over.

4. Expand another "pocket". Flatten two more "pockets", performing steps 1-4.

5. Fold the bottom sides to the inflection line.

6. While bending the side corners, pull the corner from the middle of the side upwards.

7. Repeat steps 5-6 in each plane.

8. The basic form "frog" has a "deaf" and unfolding angles and four elongated angles - one on each plane.

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