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Master class on making an envelope with a rabbit face

Long ago, those days when peopleIndependently prepared postcards and envelopes for various holidays. Now everyone is busy with work and career, constantly somewhere in a hurry and rush between a bunch of appointments. So they got used to buying ready-made envelopes in stores, and it's not a fact that they really liked them. Today we want to dispel the myth that hand-making an envelope is a complicated matter, and we suggest that you go through this experiment.

Master class on making an envelope with a rabbit face

Bright festive envelopes, in which you canPut and money as a gift, and various trivia, and a love letter, using the art of origami can be done absolutely simply and not costly in time. And besides, such a present will be filled with the warmth of your hands, and the best sincere and heartfelt wishes.
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And today we suggest that you collect an envelope withRabbit face that looks both spectacular and cute. This work is done using a square sheet of paper, and the more it is, the larger the envelope with the rabbit you will get as a result.

Best of all, if you take a two-color sheet,Then the face of the rabbit will be well shaded against the background of the envelope itself. Also for work you will need a ruler and scissors for small incisions, and further convenience of assembly.

All the work to create such an envelope is within 7-10 minutes of time. So, if you have everything prepared, you can proceed right now to the attached video master class.
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