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How to make origami dress

It is approaching on March, 8th. The attitude to this holiday is ambiguous due to the fact that initially this day was conceived as a holiday of a woman-revolutionary, and not just a woman. I treat this day easier: if I congratulate, I accept congratulations. And I do not find any reason not to congratulate the very people who are waiting for this day.

Today we will talk about how to make origamiDress, that is, a dress made of paper, which can then be used to decorate cards, decorate various handicrafts, and even serve a table for the girl's company.

If you take a sheet of 10X10 cm, then you haveThe dress will look approximately 7.5 cm. For this origami, the packing paper or fine colored paper, which will fold well, is perfect. So, start following the diagrams.

If at you all turned out, then it is worth trying to decorate with this dress your own production cards. And it can look like this:

And to create a more elegant dress withBeautiful lace below, and to strengthen the knowledge gained today, we offer you a video master class in which you will be shown in detail all the steps of how to make a luxurious origami dress.

Advice It is better to use for the addition of dressesThe thinnest paper! I have a 2-sided paper that is thicker than 1-sided, and when forming the waist it was difficult to fold the paper in several layers. Therefore, I made the second dress from a more thin paper and the master class decided to show it too. In addition, it is more obvious, it is difficult to confuse the parties.
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