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Origami crane boll assembly

Today we invite you to read moreOne beautiful idea to create an origami box, and try to collect a crane box with his own hands. Such an article can become not only a great place to store various trifles, but it is also quite suitable for a gift to relatives, friends and acquaintances. The author of this box model is the famous origamist Tadashi Mori.

Origami crane boll assembly

To collect a crane, youNeed: a two-color square sheet of medium density, a ruler and 30-40 minutes of time. If your box claims to be a gift, it's better to take a beautiful textured paper for making it. Be sure to smoothly and accurately make all the bends, otherwise you risk getting the warped birds and not quite a neat appearance of the box itself.

As in other advanced origami models,Sometimes the creation of the crane box is recommended not to allow the optional folds, and, moreover, the folds of the excess ones. And to create a box, as a matter of fact, it is not difficult, and very much even it is interesting and fascinating, especially under instructions Tadashi Mori.

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