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Origami master class to create a gift envelope

Today's publication will tell you,How to create an amazingly beautiful gift envelope with a heart, the scheme of which suggested Eric Strand. Such an envelope can be safely presented to any celebration, and even without it, for example, as a love note. And be sure that your work will be appreciated.

Origami master class to create a gift envelope

To create such an envelope, you needPrepare for work a sheet of bright paper, ruler and pencil, Velcro fasteners, and find the process for 20 minutes. The sheet can be taken in A4 format, or cut out a rectangle with sides of 279.4 x 215.9 mm (the accepted letter format).

Fold an envelope with a heart for you is notWork, especially if you carefully follow the actions of the hands of the master in the teaching material. At the end of the work, pay attention to how the origami maker will make a buckle on the envelope - this will allow you to create a festive envelope that will remain closed until the originator of the celebration reveals it. Also take a closer look at the options for the decor, perhaps some of the suggested by the master, you will like it.

You can use this envelope forGift bills, and as the original cover for writing. And believe me, your relatives and relatives, your loved one will appreciate the work done, and certainly will not remain indifferent.

So, watch the video master class, repeat for the master and create an amazingly beautiful envelope.

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