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Gift box with swans

This cute gift box with swansWill be an excellent wrapping for your presentation at a wedding for close friends, for a wedding anniversary for relatives, or for gift packing to a loved one. How to create such a miracle - read and watch the video further.

Gift box with swans

By the way, not necessarily in a stackBox is too expensive gift, because the model itself of this package is already of considerable value. And all at the expense of its unusual performance, which today with you to share the famous origami player Tadashi Mori.

And to begin with, stock up at least an hour of time,And the following materials: 2 sheets of paper, ruler and pen. If you carefully follow all the steps of the instruction, then you will certainly get a decent festive box.

And we note that to build this model,It is better to use a gift colored paper. The thicker the sheet, the better and stronger your box will be. And regarding the color and size of paper - it's only at your discretion.

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