/ / Master class from the Tweety atelier for folding the bow

Master class from the Tweety atelier for folding the bow

Bows probably love many. Among them there are children, teenagers, women and men. Did you know that this wonderful ornament can be knit not only from ribbons, but also create with ordinary paper, using simple techniques of origami art. And today we offer you a master class from the studio Tweety, which will detail how to make a bow of paper.

Master class from the Tweety atelier for folding the bow

If you are wondering why you need it,We will answer - it is always an excellent idea to decorate a gift, it is a wonderful thing for decorating household items and preparing a home for holidays, these are magnificent elements for decorating a carnival or stage costume. If the bow is made of strong paper, then it can fully become part of the hair clip, or a brooch. A small bow will look great as a medallion.

Today we offer you 2 instructions: detailed schemes and a video master class for making a paper bow. Let us proceed to the first scheme.

In more detail and clearly, all the stages of creating an origami bow can be viewed on the video presented.

Well, now you have the necessary knowledge aboutHow to fold a bow, it remains only to get skills in its fast and high-quality folding. Making a bow, you can decorate it to your liking - paint, glue the glitter, decorate with other decorative materials.

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