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Box for small things

A box of paper can be used to store various trifles - clips, buttons, rubber bands, ornaments. You can make such a box with your own hands. The scheme is not difficult, even novice can.

And so, let's begin. Take the paper, make a square from it. We bend this square in half and then diagonally. All lateral, upper and lower corners need to be bent to the middle of the diagonals. Turn the workpiece over and repeat the same procedure. After that, unbend the corners and make two creases on the sides.

Then comes a slightly difficult moment. It is necessary to raise the sides, hold them by hand, and form one of the walls. After this, it is necessary to raise the side walls along the so-called folds. Then raise the remaining angle, which you need to fold, forming a box.

Such an interesting box can be used at home, and you can give a person close to you. After all, a gift made with your own hands and with all your heart is always appreciated. Www.garments.wikimart.ru

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