/ / A simple basket in the technique of origami

A simple basket in the technique of origami

Today we suggest you try to collectA basket of paper, which, in consequence, you can use for a variety of purposes. During the New Year holidays, it will come in handy for a beautiful supply of small fruit or sweets to the table, and in the summer you can use it as a box to assemble berries.

A simple basket in the technique of origami

Origami assembly of such a basket is very simple, and itsEven a beginner can perform. To work you will need a square sheet of paper (better color), but if it is not in the house, then from an A4 sheet you can easily make a square sheet of the size you need (by folding the sheet diagonally and cutting off the unnecessary strip below).

So, immediately proceed to assembly. The first step is to map the diagonals of the square, and after turning the sheet, bend the corners inward to the already planned center of the sheet.

Next, turn your workpiece over and bend the quarter of the square from the opposite sides to the center. On the bends, take out the corners, as shown in the figure.

Small triangles that you have formed, bend inward. Further spread them and again bend, but having already tucked in. After wrapping all the remaining triangular parts.

The ends with straight angles bend to the new intended center of the craft. Turn the hand-made. The ends with straight angles bend to the sides. Turn the workpiece over again.

Now just pull the inner faces and form a square basket.

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