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Origami wallet paper scheme

Probably many are interested in wallets. And you tried to fold a purse of paper yourself? This page is intended for those who were wondering how to make a wallet of paper. This paper purse will certainly collect a lot of enthusiastic and inquiring glances. If you are ready for such attention from the outside, then you can try to build yourself a purse made of paper. It looks, by the way, very stylish and even original, especially if it is made of textured paper.

Origami wallet paper scheme

Is going to such an origami purse in just twoMinutes of time. In this case, it will have a full-fledged pocket for bills, as well as branches for credit cards and other plastic cards. The model itself is very comfortable for wearing, and when it is already obsolete, you can always build yourself a new purse, even more crooked and more original than the old one.

To work, you need a rectangular sheet of paper, and, as already noted, two minutes of time. If you are ready to start the lesson, feel free to go to the video instructions provided.

Well, how? Did it work out for you? If yes, then we assure you that just a few days of socks, someone will ask you for a similar purse.

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