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A TV costing one dollar

Surely, many origami artists already know JeremyShafer, or rather saw a lot of his manga works. And today we offer you another amazing model: a TV, built from a one-dollar bill (or, if you wish, you can use half a square sheet).

A TV costing one dollar

To collect such a hand-made craftwork to youYou need, as already said, a bill of $ 1, and about five minutes of work time. In terms of complexity, this model is quite simple to perform, therefore, with care and a little patience, it will also be for beginner origami.

By results of work you will get a realTV with a screen framed in neat bumpers, and even with a stand. And if you do not already tolerate the process of assembling it, then we will not torment you with morals. Watch the video lesson right now!

By the way, with such a manga the TV will perfectly fitIn your collection of furniture and household items. It can also be used as entertainment in a small company, a master class on origami. And also, you can always leave such original tip to the waiters in the restaurant.
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