/ / Origami from Jeremy Schafer - ring from a note

Origami from Jeremy Schafer - ring from a note

Lovers are pampered with interesting andToday's original origami lesson from master Jeremy Schafer is offered by extraordinary ornaments. We will collect a ring with a diamond from a money note, or rather, from one dollar.

Origami from Jeremy Schafer - ring from a note

Ring with a diamond - a dream of millionsBeautiful women. And today this dream can come true in just 20 minutes and at the smallest cost. So, we offer you a new hand-crafted item from Jeremy Schafer, which is very simple, but which looks!

To build an origami diamond ring youYou need a dollar bill, or a rectangular sheet of paper with a ratio of the sides, like the dollar. By the time the assembly will take (as we have already made a reservation) 20-25 minutes. The video lesson itself consists of two parts: 1) getting the desired rectangle (if you will fold from plain paper), 2) assembling the ring itself. Come on!

We hope that you have everything, and you are alreadyTry on a new decoration on your fingers. Or (this is for men), you think about the origami box, in which you can beautifully and originally present a dollar ring to your lover.

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