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Origami scheme for creating a paper spring

Today we invite you to try your hand atMore complex origami, and create a paper spring according to the scheme of Jeff Beynon. Such a dynamic toy can be used to calm nerves, perhaps for reflection, and for sure - to decorate the house for New Year's holidays.

To create a paper spring you will needOrdinary A4 paper of any color. But, it will be better to look at the craft if the sheet is colored two-sided. And first of all, we draw the attention of the lovers of origami schemes to the proposed scheme.

If you thought that the complexity of this workConsists in drawing lines and folds of the future spring, then we hasten to warn that these are only flowers. After all, and in the process of work you will have to face certain complexities of assembly. We offer to look at the creation of hand-made articles on photo instructions.

And for those who still need help at some stages of the work, we offer a video lesson on creating such a paper toy. Good luck folding!

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