/ / Paper chair: simple origami scheme

Paper chair: simple origami scheme

Such a cute paper chair is quite useful,As another toy for a girl in her doll house. Collecting such a chair from paper is not at all difficult, and the assembling process itself will only take 5-7 minutes.

Paper chair: simple origami scheme

To make such a chair of paper youYou need 1 square sheet. The larger the paper size, the more your chair will turn out. And vice versa, if you take a paper of small size, then as a result you will get quite amusing miniature furniture.

To the chair did not remain alone with himself,You can assemble several such chairs. And then you get a whole set of original and small furniture. Such a set can be fully displayed in a prominent place, and admire it.

For the assembly of origami chair today we offer you a good video lesson. Closely follow the hands of the master, and the results of the work will surely please you.

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