/ / Origami scheme - crown of paper

Origami scheme - crown of paper

If you like bulk and reallyBeautiful crafts made of paper, then today's publication will certainly interest you. We offer you to fold a beautiful six-pointed crown, which will not only be an excellent decoration for the interior, but also an excellent toy for your children.

Origami scheme - crown of paper

The scheme for the assembly of this crown was presentedChristiane Bettens. According to his accessible and understandable pattern, even an aspiring beginner will be able to translate such an article into reality. And in order to start working on the six-pointed crown, you will need a hexagonal paper of bright red-gold color or silver. If you take a hexagon with a side of 10.5 cm, then as a result you get a crown about 6.5 cm in diameter.

Origami scheme - crown of paper

This crown is going to be on the below presented pattern. The main thing in this work is a precise and accurate execution of each fold. So, the promised pattern.

We hope that you have quite easily figured out the scheme, and are already ready to please your children with such a hand-made paper.

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