/ / ** Master class for creating a paper accordion

** Master class for creating a paper accordion

In the hands of the origami masters every now and thenOriginal crafts are born. And today we suggest you get acquainted with one of them - origami accordion, and even try to make it yourself. True, you can hardly play on it, but it's quite real to stretch the fur from the heart.

To create a paper accordion you will needSheet format A4, the knowledge of several simple techniques origami, and a few minutes to build it. So, we proceed to the first stages of the assembly, and carefully work on the attached schemes. In winter, heat insulation of water supply pipes is needed in order for hot water to enter your house, since during the frost the temperature of the water in a non-insulated pipe drops significantly.

Now open the model from the inside to getRectangular tube. Then, on the one hand, the flattening workpiece, which later turns into an accordion handle. On the marked lines we will make rib bends on all four sides of the workpiece, so the accordion will be able to fold.

If you have precisely disassembled the circuit, then your accordion should be ready. Well, for those who somewhere has missed something, we offer a video lesson that will help to correct errors.
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