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Origami Celtic Cross

As a symbol of the Celtic Christian cross for the first timeAppeared in the 8th century. But if we look deeper into history and are interested in the origin of this, we will find its roots even in the pagan epoch. But, we will not dig so deep, and yet we will return for several centuries, creating today from paper a Celtic cross with a Christian bias.

This cross is a cross in a round stroke. It symbolizes the unity of the elements, as well as the cyclical nature of everything that is happening. The scheme of assembling the Celtic cross was suggested by the origamiist ​​Tadashi Mori. To create such an origami, you will need a square sheet of medium-density paper that has a side dimension of at least 20 cm.

By the time this work will take you about 30Minutes. To make the Celtic Christian cross look more beautiful, it is better to use two colored paper. And if you are ready to start work on this craft, see the author's instructions below. Successful assembly!

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