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Rainbow vase from modules

In this post, we again look into the worldModular origami, and we suggest you to assemble a rainbow vase from triangular modules. Time for this work will take not a little, but if you appreciate such crafts, then the result will be justified.

So, to build an iridescent vase from the modules you1176 triangular modules are required: white - 847, yellow - 89, and also 40 modules of red, pink, orange, blue, lilac, green colors. Before starting the assembly of the vase, it is important to remember that all white modules need to be worn with the short side outward, and the colored ones with the long side outward. Let's get started!

In the 1st row alternate white and color modules. In the 2nd row you only wear white modules, and you also act in all even rows. In the third row, alternate color and white modules, but with a shift. When the three rows are ready, put them in a ring. After you continue to build up the rows, observing the alternation of the modules in colors, to the result, which is shown in the photo below.

At the next stage, give the craft a vase shape,Lifting the edges up and leaving the colored needles on the outside. While holding the vase with your hands, continue to form the rows until the vase begins to hold the mold itself.

When you run out of color modules, exceptYellow, then it's time to collect a vase rim. To do this, put the 2 yellow modules on top of the modules of the previous row, after you pass the two modules, and then put on two more yellow modules and so on in a circle. The white modules, which remained empty between the yellow ones, connect the white module. The final stage of the assembly will be the connection of two yellow modules by an arch of five modules. Everything - your rainbow vase from the modules is ready!

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