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Wolf of origami

Anyone who is addicted or, at least, interested inOrigami, probably know that this art is so vast that it allows you to create from ordinary paper the most incredible things, including toys. And today we offer you a scheme for assembling a toy known to everyone - a top.

Wolf of origami

The scheme of this craft was suggested by the origamiist ​​ManpeiArai. And it is this scheme in this lesson that will be assembled. And for work you need a square sheet of paper with a side of 20 cm, and 20-25 minutes for making a toy.

By the way, in this post you are waiting for the whole two videosLesson from Sarah Adams. The first will show how to make an origami top, in the second - how to modernize a toy, so that it is denser (and, therefore, served longer) and more spinning (which is undoubtedly much better for the game).

You will only have to decide which option - the first or second - you like more. Well, we look and create a toy top with our own hands!

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