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Rainbow origami

Plastic analogue of the rainbow is probably familiarToday many people, and some such toys could have survived to this day. But, if you do not know what a rainbow is, or if you are sad about that carefree period in life when you had it, or if you want to show your childhood's favorite toy to your children, then this article is just for you.

Rainbow origami

As you understand, today we will tell and showYou, as the analogue of a plastic rainbow is going - a rainbow made of paper. At once we will notice, that on properties this toy will not concede at all to that which pleased you. And it's going to be very simple, it's true that it takes a bit longer than simple origami (about 2 hours).

Created by origami rainbow of 70-80 squareLeaves. The optimal size of paper squares is 8 * 8 cm (it is at this size that your rainbow will "work" full). Models for crafts are assembled very easily and quickly. By the way, the author of the rainbow origami model is none other than Jo Nakashima, and it is according to his scheme today that the addition of the craft will be conducted. Start the lesson, and at the same time look at what a paper rainbow is capable of.

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