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How to make an origami ball - disassemble in today's video lesson

Today we will tell you and show you how to do it.Origami soccer ball by the scheme of Mark Leonardo. The proposed scheme will be fairly simple, but the work still has to be painstaking. And such a realistic paper ball after you can give a friend who is fond of football.

How to make an origami ball - disassemble in today's video lesson

To create a soccer ball made of paper, youIt will take 10 square sheets of white and 6 square sheets of black. The size depends on your preferences, but to make the ball look good, it's best to take sheets with a side at least 15 cm. Also for this craft, you will need scissors and glue.

To assemble the ball you will need to add 20Modules of white color and 12 modules of black color. White modules are made up of a half of a square, and they will be hexagons with protrusions and pockets. Black modules are composed of the third part of the halves, and will be pentagons with protrusions and pockets.

So that your article perfectly keeps the shape, the ledgesCan be greased with glue. Yes, this is not a method for traditional origami, but still so the craft does not lose its attractiveness. So, watch the video lesson, carefully follow the instructions of the wizard, and you will certainly succeed.

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