/ / Origami scheme Jo Nakashima: a bottle of paper

Origami scheme Jo Nakashima: a bottle of paper

Known master of origami Jo Nakashima, whoConstantly pleases fans of art origami with new and new interesting ideas, offers one more exciting scheme of origami - a bottle of paper that looks quite realistic.

Origami scheme Jo Nakashima: a bottle of paper

To perform such origami, it is recommendedTake a square sheet measuring 16X16 cm, and find the minutes 10-15 times. Again, if you want to impress your friends and acquaintances more, you can use a larger sheet, and in time it all depends on your skills and perseverance.

The assembly of the bottle, in fact, is very simple,Because this piece of paper is a piece of paper, folded into a cylinder, at the base of which is a hexagon. The neck of the bottle also shows twisted segments, which are held together by a neck wrapped in the opposite side of the top.

At first glance, this article may seemA bit complicated, but if you follow closely all the movements and steps of the master, then you must get a bottle no worse than the one that Jo Nakashima collected. Perfect for such an origami scheme for beginners, who only develop the technique of hands and fingers, and even become acquainted with origami.

Well, well, if you have already caught fire by creating such an origami masterpiece, then we carefully watch the video master class and create our new origami.

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