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Modular Origami - napkin

Today we invite you to try your hand atThe art of modular origami. And today's lesson will be devoted to creating a stand for napkins from modules. There is a napkin from triangular modules of three colors, in our case - from modules of pink, blue and yellow colors. You can also experiment with colors and create an even more vivid model of the stand.
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So, we begin the assembly of the first row, into whichWill go 8 blue modules. Next - the second row and 7 pink modules, the third - 8 pink. After you give the future napkin airiness in the ornament, and for this - collect the columns of the modules: in the center - 4, around the edges - 8 modules.

On the received columns, attach the corners,Consisting of 11 modules. On the posts at the edges - a chain of 8 triangular modules. To complete the assembly of this part of the napkin holder, dilute the tones with other colors.

The second half of the napkin is collected by the samePrinciple, perhaps, you can change the picture a little. Next, simply connect the two parts of the stand with toothpicks, and voila, your napkin from the modules is ready!

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