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Bright and funny paper butterfly

Butterflies are, perhaps, the most beautiful insectsOn the whole planet. And every time, seeing that one, then another copy, which Mother Earth has bestowed on the Earth, again and again admire their elegant body and surprisingly beautiful patterns on the wings. As you might have guessed, this whole foreplay goes to the fact that this origami lesson will be devoted to assembling a butterfly.

We have already discussed with you repeatedlyInteresting paper butterflies performed by eminent origami masters. But, today's insect is something with something. After all, you obviously did not create such colors and patterns. So maybe you can try to decorate your collection of crafts with such a wonderful creature?

If you have reached this paragraph, then surely yourThe answer to the proposal was something like "why not try it." So, we will not waste any more time, and start right now. The butterfly suggested by the origami is noteworthy in that the patterns on its wings are applied before the folding of the crafts (it's also possible to do exactly the opposite, but it will not be so exciting). Below is the scheme of drawing patterns on the sheet, and here the main thing is not to confuse anything.

Bright and funny paper butterfly

When the markup is ready, you can safely proceedA video tutorial on creating this colorful origami butterfly. But, just keep in mind that now you really need to carefully watch how the origamist keeps the sheet, so that your patterns do not move from the outside to the inside of the wings.

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