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Shell in origami technique

Tomoko Fuse is a famous master of origami, who does not get tired of making fans happy with new funny pieces of paper. So this time. Tomoko Fuse created a unique seashell assembly scheme.

Shell in origami technique

The assembly process is not so complicated. There is a shell of four sheets of paper. As a result of some manipulations, you will get an excellent realistic figure of the shell, which will be an excellent decoration for any origami collection.

To assemble this universal shell you will needFour sheets of special multi-colored paper for origami, but, of course, twenty minutes of free time. The assembly process will be simple, but fascinating. You will get a lot of fun.

Assembly of the shell starts from the assembly of fourSimple modules. These modules are interlocked with each other. By the way, it is worth noting that the figure is collected without the use of glue and other devices.

If you follow the detailed schemeAssembly, which Tomoko Fuse introduced for his fans, then in the process there should not be any difficulties. At you all will turn out, the main thing be reserved patience.
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