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How to make an origami ladybug

Today we will consider another simple origami,Which is perfect for studying with a child, as well as for people who are just beginning to learn the art of origami. It's a ladybug. The scheme, by the way, is not only easy to implement, but it is also unique, because it can be used and sometimes work with the application.

For this craft is better suited for colored paper,And, of course, it is better if it is red, like the ladybug itself. And for work we need only one square sheet of paper. First, wrap the sheet in half, then make a bend in the middle, and after - expand, as in the picture below.

How to make an origami ladybug

Now the edges of the planned center lines should be drawn in the direction of the arrows in the figure below. In this case, do not bring to the end, because we still make the head of the ladybug.

Now turn our model around, and bend the top corner. After we make another bend, and turn the model over again. Now our ladybug is ready!

You can not just be limited to ladybug. Make, for example, another Colorado beetle of yellow and black paper (black stripes along the body), or yellow beetles in speckles.

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