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Man's suit of paper

Do you feel the makings of a fashion designer? Do you want to practice in making paper clothing? Then our today's lesson is prepared especially for you, because we will work on the embodiment of a pair of paper from a man's suit. By the way, this origami is perfect for children's games with paper little men, since it is in this clothing that they can disguise their heroes.

So, to create a man's costume for youYou will need two square sheets of paper, color - at your discretion. From the first sheet we will create an origami jacket, and for this you have to go through just a few simple steps of assembly. See them below.

Next trousers - from the second harvested sheet. On the assembly they are even easier than the jacket, so you will not take much time. See step-by-step instructions below.

Now just fold together the two blanks together, andYour origami men's suit - ready! We hope you enjoyed this simple and unpretentious lesson, and it was with great pleasure that you spent these few minutes. Well, if you feel more power and great potential, on the basis of this origami craft, you can experiment with other clothes.

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