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Scheme of butterfly origami from Jeremy Schafer

Jeremy Schafer recently pleased fans andConnoisseurs of beauty with their new crafts in origami technique. It is a beautiful butterfly, which is not only beautiful in itself, but also able to flutter with its gentle wings. So, if you want to replenish your origami collection with this hand-crafted article - look for the assembly scheme in the continuation of the post.

Scheme of butterfly origami from Jeremy Schafer

So, to work on this model butterfly youYou will need 1 square sheet of paper with a size on the side of 15 cm, and another 15-20 minutes of free time. The butterfly according to the scheme proposed by Jeremy turns out to be very realistic, but still cute and gentle. By the way, we already mentioned that this butterfly can flit, which means that if you cope with the task, it will wiggle like a real wings.

And immediately suggest you go to the processCreating crafts. A detailed video lesson on all the stages of making the butterfly origami was prepared by Jeremy Schafer himself, which means that he laid out everything in detail, and you just have to listen to his actions in this master class, and repeat every fold.

It is interesting to know that in ancient times butterfliesConsidered the souls of the dead, and treated these insects with special trepidation and attentiveness. Maybe you have someone to remember, and on this occasion to collect this beautiful origami model.
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