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Origami Santa Claus

Spruce smells, tangerine mood, ringingBells - all this indicates the approach of the favorite holiday of billions - New Year. And what is the new year without the main character - Santa Claus or Grandfather Frost? And it is to Santo that we suggest that you put together origami in today's lesson.

Origami Santa Claus

The author of the Santa Claus model, which is proposedYou in this publication is the origamist Peter Stein. By the way, the work itself is quite new, because Peter came up with it only in November 2013. To create it, you will need 1 square sheet with a side dimension of 20 cm, or standard Kami paper with a size of 15 cm on the side. It is best to take two-sided paper - red and white, so that your Santa is the most realistic. And on time, the hand-craft will take about 20-30 minutes (depending on your skills).

By the way, the origami model of Santa ClausNot difficult, and therefore you can do it with your child, or even invite him to work independently. And the video lesson will help you to understand all the intricacies of the assembly so that in the shortest possible time you will get what you have planned. And you planned for sure decoration of this craftsman Christmas tree or home
. Well, come on, and good luck with your assembly!

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