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Simple paper ghost

Today, our lesson will focus on simple andSimple origami crafts - a paper ghost, a scheme which suggested the origamiist ​​Javier Caboblanco. The work is not at all complicated, and even very simple, from which not only the beginner Origamist, but also the small child, can cope.

Simple paper ghost

To build an origami ghost you will needMinutes five times and just one square sheet of paper. Choose white or gray paper color so that your ghost is as close as possible to the idea of ​​it. Although you can experiment with other colors.

The assembly of the ghost begins with what youYou need to fold the sheet to the diagonal, and rotate it so that the diagonal is vertical. Next, you need to bend the opposite corners to the diagonal, then - fold the workpiece in half from you. Behind these actions proceed to assembling the head of the ghost. To do this, bend the top of the future model in the opposite direction, leaving the wings untouched. Corner in the top of the head bend in one direction.

Next, round off the wings of the ghost, and the body of thisMake an arc. In completion of the paper ghost, draw his eyes. However, all this you can see in the video tutorial. We hope that it is much clearer than the simple text description that we have given you. Successful assembly!

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