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Modular house - step by step assembly scheme

In this article we offer you a step-by-step schemeAssembling an origami house of triangular modules. The model consists of modules of orange, blue, blue and white colors, and is fastened with a small amount of glue. So, if all the materials are at your fingertips, you can safely start the assembly.

So, at the beginning, we add the side walls of the house,Which are similar in the assembly. The first and second rows are assembled from 15 and 14 modules in blue, respectively. The next two rows make also blue, and add two more rows with orange modules. In the seventh row, start spreading out the window of 7 modules of white color. In the eighth row, add 2 blue modules, and then collect the wall, as shown in the last photo below this paragraph. Similarly, execute the second wall of the house.

Now let's look at how to fold the end walls. Initially, the assembly will be the same as the two previous walls, and starting from the 18th row, you need to reduce in each row by one module.

Now, glue all four walls together, andProceed to assemble the roof. For the roof use white modules. In the first row - 25, in the second row, arrange 24. In total, thus add 14 rows, and you will get one side of the roof. Similarly, make the second part, and glue the finished roof on the already assembled walls of the house.

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