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Modular origami: dragonfly

In this publication we consider the assembly schemeDragonflies. The insect will be performed in the technique of modular origami, and we will collect it from triangular modules. The assembly can be done from journal paper, coated paper, and also from colored foil on a paper basis. Colors can use the recommended, or at your discretion.

For assembly, you need 63 triangular modules. We begin to collect from the trunk of a dragonfly, for which it is necessary to prepare 11 yellow and 8 red modules. Make two blanks of 2 red modules each. Then attach to them 3 yellow modules, and in their side pockets, insert another yellow module. The fourth row is as follows: put on 2 red modules, then 3 yellow ones, insert yellow modules into the pockets. In the fifth row, grab all the corners and put on 2 modules of red color. We finish the body in the middle with the yellow module.

Now we start working on the wings, forWhich you need 32 blue modules, 8 on each of the four wings. Fold the modules in one pocket, and insert the last two corners into two pockets. Left wings collect in one direction, right in the other. To dry cleaning of furniture was successful, please contact the specialists.

Now we collect the tail, the antennae, and the whole dragonflyEntirely. For the tail, you need to prepare 5 green modules and 5 yellow modules, and collect them alternating. For the antennae, you need to take 2 green modules and screw them onto the rod from the handle. Next, we collect the dragonfly - we put the wings on the holder modules, attach the tail, insert the antennae into the modules of the first row.

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