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The symbol of Yin-Yan in the technique of origami

In ancient Chinese philosophy, the symbol of Yin-YanIs one of the main. It denotes man and nature, man and woman, light and darkness, day and night, sun and moon, etc. - everything that can be presented from two sides. And today this symbol is very popular. It is used in interior design, in the manufacture of jewelry, in decorating furniture, and even create origami technique. To create this model, you need 1 square sheet of paper, and very little time - 15-20 minutes. It is better to take medium density paper. The scheme proposed by the author is fairly simple, logical, understandable and consistent, so even beginners can easily master all the stages of assembly.

The symbol of Yin-Yan in the technique of origami

So, to build the origami symbol of Yin-Yan youOne sheet of paper is required, the black one on one side, and the white on the other. By the time the creation of such crafts will take about 15-20 minutes of time. The scheme is designed for beginners, therefore, almost no questions. And even a child, for general development, you can offer such a model. Regarding the choice of paper, it is better to take a thick paper.

Today we will work on video instructions from the origami writer Jo Nakashima. And if you are ready to start, then start right now. Successful assembly!

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