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Modular origami - mushroom boletus

Today we are going to the world of modular origami,And we suggest that you replenish your collection of paper crafts with a beautiful mushroom-boletus. There is a model of triangular modules. To create a modular origami mushroom, you need 380 white modules and 108 orange modules. And if you want to put the fungus on the grass (like a photo), then make some more green triangular modules.

So, the assembly begins with the foot of the fungus (and henceYou should already have 380 white modules ready). 1-4 rows - 15 modules each. 5 row - 30 modules, which means that each module of the previous row needs to be equipped with two modules. 6-10 rows - 30 modules each. That's what should happen.

11 row - begin the constriction, the modules are dressed for 3Corner (instead of two), we use 20 modules in a row. 12 row - the modules are put on the long side inwards. 13-16 rows - we dress on 20 modules, slightly narrowing the leg. Believe in the photo below.

Now proceed to the hat origami mushroom,Having prepared 108 modules. Connect the modules as shown below. After for 1 and 2 rows, take 6 modules and connect to the ring (refer to the photo). 3 row - for each module, put 2 modules. 4 row - 12 modules. 5 row - for each module, put 2 modules. 6-8 rows - 24 modules each. 9 row - for each module, put 2 modules (total 48). The hat is completely ready.

It remains only to connect the leg and the mushroom cap (if desired, you can strengthen the glue), and add a few modules of "green grass".

Needlework is not only a hobby, it is the presentRescue from autumn depression. A quiet pastime, according to the research of psychologists, helps to bring thoughts into order, find the right solution, relax. With monotonous work, the nervous system calms down, there is no prompt impulse to do something and somewhere to run. A person seems to throw off the shell and is fully attached to art. Created in the fall days with their own hands self-made, in addition, are able to make a profit. By selling their creations on forums or in art shops, the needlewoman will receive a good reward only for simply relaxing and enjoying her hobby. A good prospect, is not it?
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