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Japanese Knife Knife

Kunai is a Japanese multifunctional tool,Which in its form resembles a fish. But, in addition to the fact that it was widely used in the subsidiary farm, it sometimes served even as a formidable throwing, and not only, weapon. And today we suggest you to assemble such an instrument-weapon from paper in origami technique.

Japanese Knife Knife

There is such a crafting of origami from severalSheets of office paper. At the same time, all steps are implemented quickly and easily. So, let's get started. First, you will need to add two identical elements according to the scheme below. Note that the transition from the penultimate to the last picture is the pruning of the excess edge with scissors.

Now you need to make a handle, and for thisFold the standard sheet of paper diagonally into the flattened tube. Next, connect this handle to one of the previously made blanks, fold the corners to the center and fix with glue or tape. Next, we will send this blade to another workpiece, also bend the corners and secure them.

Now you need to make a narrow handle with a ring, as shown in the photo below. Here is your kunai and ready!

Japanese Knife Knife

And for those who are somewhat lost in the assembly scheme, we suggest watching a video lesson in order to sort out the mistakes and finish the work on the craft.

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