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Master class for creating an origami swallow

Probably many are interested in swallows. And you tried to fold a swallow of paper yourself? This page is intended for those who were wondering how to make a swallow of paper. Here you can find a variety of swallow figures, models and schemes. Today, for your attention and for your perfection in the art of origami, we offer a beautiful model of an origami swallow. I suggested a scheme for her assembly of Sifo Mabon, and it was his guidance that would be used to build the proposed video master class. And do not necessarily spend a lot of money to arrange for your family an unforgettable weekend, because you can make a modular origami for free MK

Master class for creating an origami swallow

We decided not to offer you a photo scheme today,So it is too large and includes more than 50 difficult stages, to everything, no one will show you how to give volume to a bird. And with the video instruction it will be more clear how certain steps are performed. To build an origami swallow, you only need 1 square leaf and about 50 minutes for the assembly.

Paper is better to choose black and white, mediumDensity, and with a side size of 15 cm. So if you are ready to embark on this difficult but truly fascinating occupation, then we look at the master classes, carefully fix and repeat all the steps behind the demonstrator.

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