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Beautiful origami scheme - an owl on a branch

Different masters of origami are always pleased with theirFans with new schemes. Thanks to detailed schemes or detailed video lessons, they are happy to share with fans of origami in that they stack a variety of wonderful figures from paper. Origamist, who hides his name under the nickname DJorigami, presents to fans of origami a new amazing model - an owl on a branch.

Beautiful origami scheme - an owl on a branch

The figure is made up of one single sheet fororigami. As a result of some manipulations, an excellent realistic figure is obtained. And so, to build an owl figurine on a branch, you will need one square sheet of paper, the size of which is seventeen by seventeen centimeters. Origamist advises using brown paper to assemble. The assembly process can not be called easy. It is complex and time-consuming, takes forty minutes of free time.

The owl on the branch looks very realistic. To collect this wonderful figure, you need to show diligence and have patience. Thanks to the video lesson, you can understand how to do all the bends, and perform all the actions very accurately.

An owl on a branch will be an excellent gift. After all, such a gift, moreover, made by own hands, will be appreciated.

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