/ / Origami Songbird from Robert J. Lang

Origami singing bird by Robert J. Lang

Today in our origami a selection of interestingModels is a rather complicated piece from the origami of Robert Lang - a songbird. So, if you just started to master the art of origami, or you do not often understand the crafts of a level above the complex one, then we recommend that you leave this scheme for now, returning to it a little later.

Origami singing bird by Robert J. Lang

And for those who are willing to try their skills andSkills, we recommend that you now prepare a square sheet of paper with a side of 20 cm, release at least 1.5 hours of time, and still have enough patience. Use for the model two-color paper is recommended.

It is worth recalling that the master of origami Robert J. Lang approaches the study of art from a mathematical point of view. He is the founder of the system, which helps create crafts of any level of visualization and any complexity. So, using the origami method, you can create any paper model.

Now we return to the songbird RobertLanga - it will be a good decoration for your collection or a great souvenir for one of your loved ones. A video lesson, presented today, will hold for you Jo Nakashima, collecting artwork according to Lang's scheme.

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