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Wonderful origami wise owl

Today, we will give you another interesting lesson on origami, And we will collect a model of an owl. Few of us have seen an owl or owl in wildlife, but we perfectly understand how the bird looks. This model we took from a wonderful master origamiHideo Komatsu.

To build the owl, we need: Twenty to thirty minutes of free time; A small sheet of paper of a square shape. Let's begin our lesson. The first thing to do is to bend the paper first diagonally, and then - in the center. This is a common start for many models origami. In order to continue the assembly of the model and understand everything, you can view the available video lesson, submitted a little lower ...

The video is very correctly broken into several parts, so everyone can better navigate what to do. Even a beginnerOrigamiCan understand everything from this lesson. Watch the video and start assembling the owl. Follow all the instructions of the video lesson and in a short time you will get your wonderful model origami, And, by the way, quite detailed, as you could already see from the photographs.

With the help of such things as coloring by numbersPractical for every person to draw a beautiful picture. The principle of coloring by numbers is this: you simply paint over certain areas of the picture with the right color. The required shade is indicated in the instruction in the form of a number. Numbers are duplicated on jars with a paint.
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