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Crane - origami, from which it all began

The most famous hand made paper, and with thisCertainly not argue, is a crane, and for sure many craftsmen and amateurs to create origami began their acquaintance with origami from this figure. By the way, the crane is rightly considered a symbol of this art, as cranes were folded many centuries ago in Japan, and are created today.

The scheme for creating this bird is very simple, and evenBeginning Origami is not difficult to add such a figure. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with this scheme in detail, because it is surely useful to you in case someone asks you for a pair of origami lessons.

Crane - origami, from which it all began

By the way, in today's world, apart from the classicalThere are a lot of other cranes in the crane. Kusudams, boxes, envelopes, fans, garlands - a crane can be used everywhere. And it all began ... Yes, yes, it was with the above scheme.

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