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Owl origami from Stefan Weiss

Origan Stefan Weiss proposed anotherAn interesting scheme of origami, thereby capturing his beloved bird - this owl origami. Agree, the bird really turned out to be very beautiful and original, and it can become an excellent addition to the design of the children's room, it will not be a shame to give to a loved one, and for your collection of paper crafts will be an excellent example.

To create an owl made of paper, you only needOne sheet of paper and 15 minutes of free time. Paper for the model is better to choose a glossy two-color, but with flowers - you already determine. In principle, this scheme Stefan Weiss is oriented to craftsmen origami, but, as they say, no one forbids try their hand and beginners in this matter. So, immediately suggest we begin the video lesson.
And finally, I would like to tell you a coupleWords about the bird itself, because if you decide to present it as a gift, it is advisable to know who and when to give, and what you can wish for. Long ago, an owl was considered a symbol of a deep understanding of things and wisdom, so you can give it to an adult for this purpose. A good presenter can also become such a craft for good leaders, as they, like this bird, never take the time to make decisions and always know how to find the right time to implement the plan. Also, the owl can be given to people who believe in everything mystical and mysterious, because so many imagine this bird.

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