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Simple paper swan

Origami technique is very interesting. To master it, you need to start from the simplest schemes. The swan scheme is what you need. It is very simple, it takes fifteen minutes to assemble a paper figure. As usual, you need to take a simple, square sheet of paper. Reputation management on the Internet

And so, bend the sheet first diagonally, thenTurn it. The adjacent sides of the paper need to be bent to the diagonal. Further we will be engaged in a beak of a bird. Bend the third part of the acute angle, then bend back half of this angle. So the beak of a swan turned out.

Turn the workpiece over and bend it in half. Then comes an important point. It is necessary to use one hand to take the base of the model, and the second behind the head. Pull the head up, and set it to the desired height. The same action you need to do with the beak.

We shall borrow a tail. First you need to bend it inside, and, at a right angle, and then pull it upward. You can also bend the wings. A simple swan made of paper is ready.

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