/ / Incredibly beautiful crane with a rose

Incredibly beautiful crane with a rose

Those who are fond of origami, probably know thatOne of the most popular origami models around the world is a crane. And indeed, it is with the crane, often begins acquaintance of man with this beautiful art. But, today we will not again consider a simple origami crane, and we suggest you try your hand at creating a crane with a rose in the center.

Incredibly beautiful crane with a rose

This model was proposed by a young, butAlready many well-known origamiist ​​Kamiya Satoshi, who in 2 years of age began to get acquainted with origami. And, by the way, in that time he not only repeated the beautiful forms of many masters of origami, but also created many of his own.

Many paper crafts Satoshi very, veryComplex, and can add up for several hours. But, today's crane with a rose is quite another matter. Such craft paper can be made even for beginners in this matter.

Incredibly beautiful crane with a rose

Since the model itself, or rather its centralPart is a rose, needs a lot of folds, it is better to use paper with a side size of 15 cm. The flower itself in the center is somewhat reminiscent of the Kawasaki rose; therefore, if you followed our publications, then for sure this moment will not create for you Difficulties.

Today for the assembly we offer you a pattern. Here, the creation of the craft begins with a rose, and then the crane itself is created. We hope that you will master this lesson, and from this day in your collection there will be another beautiful and delightful craft.

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