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Origami Green Swan

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Today I want to interest those people who have just decided that they like origami, so I spread the simplest schemes of handicrafts.

When you get one animal, then the second, the third, you want something more, but for the training of hands, you need to start with a small one.

I suggest you try to buildOrigami swan. In this article, step-by-step stages of the whole work will be placed. Let me remind you that for almost any origami we take a sheet of a square shape, and of course, it's best to take a paper of colored cardboard, then your figures will be the most stable.
To begin with, we will need, again, a square sheet of paper, colored pencils, you can also use gel colored pens and scissors.

Next, we re-sheet the sheet diagonally from two sides.


We should get here is such a figure. We turn it over.

Corner the sides and raise the lower corner exactly as shown in the picture 4-5 up to the specified point.


Next, we omit the angle.

We make a figure in half and turn it.

Then we need to raise the angle of the whole figure back and also unbend the corner of our future swan head.

Well! Our swan is ready. Further, depending on your imagination, you can paint a swan as you like. Draw wingsuits or even create an image of feathers with scissors.

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