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Christmas tree

The New Year is already around the corner. So I want to make my native an original gift. What is most appreciated is what is done by themselves. The most actual product for this wonderful holiday will be a Christmas tree. With the help of origami technology, you can make this a tree from paper.

And so, we need a green and brownpaper. From the green paper, make three squares, the size of the first 15x15, the size of the other two 10x10. From the brown paper you need to make a square size of 10x10. All the squares need to be folded into a triangle shape, and bend the corners into them. Further, all the angles need to be bent to the inflection lines and open the pockets.

You need to take the third triangle of green paper,Bend it, lower the right corner. After that, bend the left corner. Get a new triangle. Its upper corner needs to be bent in half. The same action should be repeated on the right. Put all the corners down. Christmas tree ready ....

We need to tackle the trunk ... To make it, take a brown triangle and lower the sides to the line of inflection. The corners are removed inside, and the whole part is turned over.

Despite the fact that the summer is just beginning,You need to think about how the merchants will earn in the winter period of time. One of the most profitable seasonal types of trade is the sale of spruce and pine trees on the eve of the New Year holidays. So you need to think in advance about where you can buy wholesale furs, which, in consequence, to earn money for the New Year.
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