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Children's origami "Autumn Bouquet"

Autumn is a wonderful time, which updatesInspiration, brings the desire to create and create the beautiful. And today we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the simple technique of creating an autumn bouquet, which it is quite possible to offer to young children in labor lessons.

Children's origami "Autumn Bouquet"

For the production of leaves of a bouquet will be requiredTriangular sheets that are made from square paper by folding it in half diagonally, and then cutting. After each triangle you need to put a right angle down, and bend along the long side of the figure a strip of 5 millimeters.

Next, the figure is turned over and similarly bends from the other side. Such actions must be continued until a fan is formed from the triangle.

After the fan is folded in half, the long side of the triangle inward. The resulting corner should be fixed with a double fold, or with glue.

The leaves that were obtained as a result of all the above actions, for 3-4 pieces are attached to the prepared branches in advance. And finally the simplest - the desired composition is being formed.

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