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Money rabbit origami

Do not know where to put money? Then study the art of origami, or rather - mangami - the folding of figurines from monetary denominations. And today we will offer you an interesting scheme (but, frankly, even three schemes) from the origami writer Perry Bailey, to assemble the money rabbit.

</ P>So, according to the diagram below, all ofOne dollar you can fold a rabbit, which will be a good addition to the origami collection, or an interesting decoration for the workplace, or an original little gift for a loved one.

By the way, we note that the denomination and currency, byIn fact, do not play any role. It's just that historically it happened so that mangas are executed from 1 dollar. Well, now, we offer your attention also a video lesson on assembling a money rabbit, where all the assembly steps are clearly and clearly shown. And honestly, in the lesson below you will find two more crafts from money - a cat and a fox.

We hope you enjoyed today's lesson, and you will be happy to collect a money rabbit, which, perhaps, will bring wealth and prosperity to your home.

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