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Origami video how to make a horse out of paper

Collect a beautiful horse out of paper perfectlySimply, and today you can see this on your own experience. This origami horse is perfectly kept on its four, so it will be an excellent souvenir that can be placed on the shelf. In addition, such an article will bring a lot of joy to the children, and they will be able to play with it in a variety of children's games.

To create such a beautiful horse youYou need 1 square sheet (preferably tight) and only 5 minutes of free time. Try to initially perform all folding operations very accurately, not allowing excessive excesses, then your horse will stand firmly on his feet.
How to make an origami horse, we are todayWe will show you a video lesson. This scheme refers to traditional models, it is very simple and affordable, easy to digest. So, if you are ready to create a new origami, start watching the video.
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