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Rabbit according to the scheme Fumiaki Kawahata

The art of origami, many people are addicted to. Slazhivat simple amusing figures under force, even for beginners. Fumiaki Kawahata offers fans of this wonderful art a new model - a simple paper rabbit. The figure looks very realistic, even a child can collect it.

Rabbit according to the scheme Fumiaki Kawahata

To assemble this beautiful rabbit, you will needA square sheet of paper, the size of which is fifteen by fifteen centimeters. There are no restrictions on the color of the paper. The choice of color depends on the fancy of the collector, on his representation of the future figure. Perhaps in his view the rabbit should be pink, maybe he sees it as yellow or pink.

And so, stock up ten minutes of freeTime and start assembling. A detailed video lesson will help you figure out the scheme. If you follow the detailed instructions, you can easily add a rabbit figure.
This funny figure will serve as an excellent giftBaby or at a time when there is a pregnancy 3 weeks stomach hurts. By the way, the skill of origami can attract a child. Let this funny rabbit be his first job. Perhaps, it is this figure that can instill in him the craving for art.

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