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Modular origami - bear

Modular origami is a design thatIs assembled from special folded triangles. Details triangles are fastened together by pockets and inserts. In the end, we get a beautiful three-dimensional model. In this way, you can add a variety of shapes. If you want to please your baby, fold him a modular bear. He will play with such a toy, and later can also master the assembly of this.

Modular origami - bear

To assemble a modular bear, you will need782 folded blue triangles, 160 - white triangles. Also stock up on black paper. It will be needed to make a nose, eyes and a face for our bear.

Modular bear, folded according to the modular methodOrigami, is very similar to the Olympic bear. The assembly process itself is not very complicated. The assembly will take about forty minutes, if you prepare all the necessary details in advance.

The result will please not only you, but also yourChild. Mishka will be an excellent addition to the decor in the interior. It will attract the attention of everyone around. Assembly of a bear will not take much time. But you can rest assured that the entire work process will be interesting and will bring many positive emotions.

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